Tree species are: Pin Oak, White Oak, Paper Birch, Red Cedar, Silver Maple, White Pine, Bitternut Hickory, Burr Oak, Hackberry, Red Oak, Green Ash and Kentucky Coffee.

Shrub species are: Redbud,  Ninebark, Silky Dogwood, Alternate Leaf Dogwood,                    High Bush Cranberry and Red Mulberry.

In order to give more Haldimand residents trees, we have restricted the number of seedlings for each applicant to a maximum of 150 trees and a minimum order of 50. All orders will be mixed species with a 5/1 tree/shrub ratio. While we will endeavour to provide as wide a variety of tree and shrub species as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will receive all species. Tree seedlings are 8" to 30" tall and are bare root stock. You will be required to pick up your trees at a local point in Haldimand during one specific week. Planting instructions will be provided.

 There is no charge for the trees but we do have a non-refundable handling charge of $40.00 for all orders. You are welcome to share your order and the handling fee with neighbours and friends but by participating in this program you are agreeing to ensure the trees/shrubs are planted within a few days of pickup as part of our community forest initiative to increase forest cover in Haldimand. You also agree not to resell the trees or shrubs.

Trees will be distributed on a first come/first served basis to Haldimand residents owning 2 acres or more of land for stream bank plantings or wildlife corridor/enhancements.

RARE TREES This year we are giving out some of the more rare Carolinian species. With these trees/shrubs we are trying to match soil and sun/shade requirements so that the trees have a better chance of survival. Tree protection and mulch mat will be provided for species requiring them. We would also like feedback on how well they do so if you are interested please indicate it on your order form. Recipients will get 1 or 2 of one or two species suitable for your site. All stock ordered has not been confirmed yet. Some species are: Paw Paw, Cherry Birch, Black Gum and Hop Tree.

Tree protectors and tree mats will be available for purchase at time of pickup.

 Order forms can be picked up at your local library or

You can use the Print function on your web browser to print out the Order Form below.

Habitat Haldimand Inc’s

“Great Tree Give Away”



Habitat Haldimand Inc’s “Great Tree Give Away”

Order Form

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Which category fits you best: Rural Resident [   ]   Farmer [   ]   Other  [   ]

The acreage of your property:   [        ]

Number of trees/shrubs requested:    50  [   ]          100  [   ]          150  [   ]

Trees/shrubs will be distributed on a first come/first served basis to Haldimand residents owning two acres or more of land for planting along stream banks, windbreaks, wildlife corridor/enhancements or fence rows.

Please indicate where you intend to plant these trees/shrubs:

Stream bank [   ] Wind break [   ]   Wild life corridor / enhancement  [   ] Fence row [   ]

Other  [   ]

Rare Carolinian trees :

Interested in having some rare Carolinian trees?  Yes [   ]   No [   ]

If yes, please indicate what type or types of soil you have on your property.

Clay [   ]  Loam [   ]  Sand [   ] Moisture on site: Wet [   ]  Dry [   ]  Medium [   ] and Sun/Shade on site:  Sun [   ]  Shade [   ] Forested area or bush [   ]

Optional: (For audit purposes required by some funders)

I, the landowner, agree to allow representatives from Habitat Haldimand Inc. access to the planting sight for assessment purposes. I understand that the representatives will contact me ahead of time to arrange a convenient time to view the  project sight.

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Print Name                                                           Signature                                                     Date dd/mm/yyyy          

Mail a cheque for $40.00 (non-refundable handling charge) payable to Habitat Haldimand Inc. along with this form and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

 Habitat Haldimand Inc., P.O. Box 275, Cayuga, ON   N0A 1E0  Tel: (905) 774-7845    WEB 2018

Habitat Haldimand Inc., as part of our community forest initiative and sponsored in part by ONTARIO POWER GENERATION, is offering to Haldimand residents Seedling Trees for planting this spring (April/May, 2018).

 Tree and shrub species have been selected suitable for planting along stream banks and wildlife corridors. These species may change depending on availability.

Helping Fish and Wildlife in our Community

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