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Membership is $15 per year or $40 for three years and includes all members of the family.

Members receive notices of upcoming events and news bulletins twice a year.  Mail cheque payable to Habitat Haldimand Inc. with this form to: Habitat Haldimand Inc., P.O. Box 275, Cayuga   ON,   NOA 1EO

Habitat Haldimand Inc.  Tel:  (905) 774-7845.   Website:

Habitat Haldimand Inc.

Helping Fish and Wildlife in our Community

Habitat Haldimand is a non-profit group with a mission to support the sustainable management and enhancement of our fish and wildlife resources within the Haldimand area.  Its objectives are:

l To enhance the information and educational components of fish and wildlife                  within the community.

l To ensure that the basic concepts of conservation of our natural resources are introduced within the Haldimand elementary and high school systems.

l To  foster partnerships between traditional as well as non-traditional groups and organizations.

l To provide awareness of compatible programs of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Conservation  Authorities and non-government organizations.

Come and join us!

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Helping Fish and Wildlife in our Community

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