Newsletter of Habitat Haldimand Inc.

(Winter 2018) Issue #45


Mill Stream:

Helping Fish and Wildlife in our Community

Text Box: Habitat Haldimand Inc.

During the last two years, Trout Unlimited has captured, tagged and released 31 Brook Trout in Emerson Creek. This year they could only locate and capture 5 Trout and since they ran out of I. D. tags which help us locate and identify the fish, they asked if we wanted to release untagged fish into the creek. We said 5 untagged fish were better then none, so they were released into the creek.


On January 28th, I took a walk along Emerson Creek to see what damage was done by our recent thaw that created snow melt runoff combined with rain. I found that we need to replace all of the sediment fence that Bill Christmas and I put in years ago. Many obstructions need to be removed from the stream and more of the Christmas trees need to be placed in the stream. Some small trees along the bank will have to be cut as they are going to fall into the stream. The wand that we use to locate the Trout has been repaired by Trout Unlimited and returned to us. We will be using it in the spring to see if we can locate the Brook Trout.

We have been trying to get the oxygen levels in this part of Mill Stream high enough to support Brook Trout. So far the highest reading we have achieved has been 2.7. We need a reading in the 5.6 range. Therefore, we have decided to remove all the small dams we have installed and replace them with one large dam. We need your help, if you are able to assist us with the project this summer, by volunteering a few hours of your time. Call Wade at 905-772-3706 to get more information.

Emerson Creek:
Seed to Tree Workshop:

It has been about 5 years since Jane and I have conducted this workshop. It was all about the dos and don'ts of seed collecting, what to do with the seed after you collect it, then where and when to plant the seed. Also, places to go to find your best seed and just little things that will help you along your way. Jane and I are not experts, but we do pass along to you what has worked for us and what has not. We would like to thank the Grand River Conservation Authority for letting us use the Taquanyah Nature Centre for this workshop.

It has been many years since we held this workshop. It is a "hands on" workshop where the kids get a chance to build a Blue Bird house, make a bird feeder, and plant some tree seeds to take home and watch them grow. There will be a fly tying table set up, so they can make their first fly. The kids will be able to take these things home with them and experience the joy of nature at this young age. This event will take place at the Haldimand Agriculture Centre in Kolher on March 18th from 1:00 to 3:30 pm. The address is 1084 Kolher Rd. Cayuga. We have invited the Niagara Fur Trappers Association, Hamilton Area Fly Fishers and Tyers, a taxidermist, a wood carver, a Native display and a Ruthven table. Not sure at this time who is coming, but hoping that everyone will. Kids of any age are more than welcome to come, but we do know that the parents get a lot out of this workshop as well. Admission is FREE, everyone is welcome.

We want to thank Ontario Power Generation for sponsoring our workshops and educational programs again this year.

Kids Day Workshop:
Blue Bird Box Kits:

For many years we have made up kits for building a Blue Bird Box for our young grade school kids. These kits are delivered with nails and screw ready to assemble, we also include an instruction sheet on how to build the box and where the best place to install their box. Blue Birds do not like to nest anywhere near a building, they like to be out in an open field or fence line. We made 172 kits this year and they were delivered to 6 schools, that gives us a total of 3,994 boxes out there in Haldimand County that our group has donated so far. Our thanks goes again to Ontario Power Generation for their donation towards this project.

Great Tree Giveaway:

Hopefully Spring is around the corner and our tree giveaway will be here before you know it. We have given away 284,401 tree seedlings to date to Haldimand residents. Every year we have new people involved in this project and we are very excited as a group to help them with their at home project. There is a small fee for the shipping and handling, but all of the money is put back into buying more trees for the following year. Later this spring order forms can be printed from our website at or you can go to your local library and get the forms there.

Wade and Jane at the Seed to Tree Workshop
Students assembling Blue Bird Box Kits at one of our Schools