Newsletter of Habitat Haldimand Inc.

(Summer 2017)                       Issue #44


Mill Stream:

Helping Fish and Wildlife in our Community

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More work was completed this fall when it was a little cooler weather wise. We placed about 60 Christmas Trees in the stream to narrow it and create a faster water flow. The other reason for the placement of the trees is to stabilize the stream banks, which also provides hiding places for the fry in the spring when the eggs hatch.

We removed the blockage in the stream that I talked about in our last newsletter and also replaced that one missing Christmas Tree in the stream bank.

Trout Unlimited caught and tagged another 16 adult Brook Trout this fall and released them in the same location as the year before. We finally got the wand back from Trout Unlimited as it was repaired.

We have not gone out to use the wand to locate the trout as they are laying their eggs this time of year and should not be disturbed. We will wand later in the season.

We hope to find some of the fish that we released last year as this would be good news indicating that they came back to where they were released last year to lay their eggs.

We also did a little clean up work within the stream, removing branches and fallen trees. On another workday we found a couple of good spots where we could make some more rocky ramp areas where the trout lay their eggs.

A couple of us walked the stream early this  winter in hopes of spotting some trout. To our surprise we found several "reds" (a place where trout lay their eggs). We also saw more areas this year then last year where the eggs had been laid. We are not allowed to do any work in the stream till the spring as one might step on the nest of eggs and destroy it.

 Just to remind you, the oxygen level at the spring is 0.3 which is very low. In order for Brook Trout to survive they need to have a level of at least 5.6. Our goal was to reach 6.0.

We added more Christmas Trees to the sides of the stream which would create faster moving water that would add more oxygen to the water. We also placed all of the rocks that we had gathered in the stream forming eight small dams which would cause more  turbulence in the water and also add more oxygen. Everything is looking good as we are seeing a lot more bubbles in the water.

A retired Department of Fish and Oceans volunteer, that has come out many times to work on this part of the stream and others in the area, suggested building a water wheel might help. I took this suggestion to heart and built a water wheel over the winter. My brother helped me with the assembly after I had cut out all the pieces. I hope that we can post a picture of my marvelous water wheel.

After all of this work Cathy took a reading with her oxygen sensor and all that we could achieve was a level of 2.7. We did improve the water quality for more species of minnows and insects to use this section of the stream but not enough for Brook Trout.

Volunteers placing Rocks in the Hope this will increase the Oxygen Level. 

Emerson Creek:

A Picture of My Marvelous Water Wheel.

Winter Workshop:

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation were on their way February 12th to the Haldimand Agriculture Centre when they drove into some freezing rain road conditions. They told us that they saw many cars in the ditch and apologized for not being able to make it. They asked us if they could come the following week but that did not work because of the unavailability of the hall.


They are looking forward to seeing us next winter.

This year is a great time to plant some new trees and shrubs around your property. This spring we had perfect weather for planting, due to lots of rain making for a better survival rate. We all remember last years' weather and how hot and dry it was. All I did around home, was water the vegetable garden and the flower beds.


I am not sure how many years that we have had the "Great Tree Giveaway" but it has been many. A lot of work goes into this every year and if it was for not Jane Schofield and her crew it would not be possible . So a big thanks goes out to all that help bundle up the trees. Jane tells me that Habitat Haldimand Inc. handed out over 10,000 seedlings this spring making our total to date since we started this program to 284,401. As well as growing our own seedlings, it is a challenge every year for Jane to find trees and shrubs from suppliers, as many places are cutting back or have gone out of business.


 Jane wants a have a "Seed To Tree Workshop" this fall where she will teach how to grow trees and shrubs from seed. We had this event some years ago and it was held at the Taquanyah Nature Centre just outside of Cayuga. If you are interested in learning how to grow trees from seed, give Jane a call at 905-774-7845 and leave a message.

Great Tree Giveaway: