Habitat Haldimand Inc. is a volunteer, not for profit community group that was formed in 1998 after the Haldimand Stewardshp Council identified a need for a local group to provide leadership on forest and wildlife initiatives in Haldimand County.  Members are drawn from such groups as anglers and hunters, land owners, biologists and other naturalists, birders, teachers, students and individuals interested in conserving the area's natural resources.

Habitat Haldimand Inc. programs are:

“Seed to Tree Program” was started to create and maintain a sustainable community forest through the cooperation with local schools, greenhouses, community groups, municipalities and industry to provide native tree seedlings to local land owners.  Volunteers collect native tree seed which is planted and monitored by school children in partnership with local greenhouses.  Seedlings are later transplanted by local school children and maintained by Habitat Haldimand members until they are ready for distribution to the public.

The Seed to Tree Program has been incorporated into the school curriculum by local teachers through the emphasis on the importance of trees to the health of our environment and community.


 "Great Tree Give Away" trees produced by our programs are distributed to the public through promotional advertisements and submissions of planting project letters of request.  Priority is placed on plantings that are situated on greater than 2 acres and benefit wildlife corridors and stream bank restorations.  The group hopes to surpass last year's distribution and give out 20,000 native trees with the additional trees and shrubs focus on rare or endangered trees such as Butternut, Kentucky Coffee,  Shellbark Hickory, Tulip Tree, Red Mulberry and Hop Tree.


“Bluebird Box” program was created to make students aware of the plight of our bird population in general and what can be done to help them.

This year Habitat Haldimand distributed over 350 Bluebird Box kits to the local schools and organizations that wanted to participate in the program.  When the students have assembled the Bluebird Boxes they get to take them home with instructions on were to put up the Box on their property.


“Workshops” every year we hold FREE public workshops - the topics include:  Growing native trees and shrubs from seed, the importance of Raptors in our ecosystem, Wildlife Rehabilitation, and a "hands on”  Workshop for Kids during March break where they learn fly fishing and fly tying, woodworking i.e. building nest boxes and bird feeders.  We also have a number of environmental displays with experts on hand to answer any questions.

The Workshops have from 25 to over 220 people in attendance.  We currently have over 200 associate members and 25 teachers and experts that participate in our Workshops and Seed to Tree Program.


Organizations we work with in the community:

Some of the groups we work with are schools, Grand River Conservation Authority, Ducks Unlimited, Ruthven National Historic Park, Camp Kiawa (Girl Guides), Trout Unlimited Canada, Ontario Power Generation, Haldimand Stewardship Council, Haldimand & Area Woodlot Owner's Association, D.R.E.A.M. Project at Dunnville Secondary School, Beacon of Light Wildlife Centre, Cypres, Hamilton Area Fly Fishers and Tyers Club, Taquanyah Nature Centre and Conservation Area, The Stewardship Rangers, Grandview Lodge and the Regional News.

 Habitat Haldimand’s mandate and mission

The mission, goal and objectives of our program:

1.  To support the sustainable management and enhancement of our forest and wildlife resources within the Haldimand area.

2.  To enhance the information and educational components of forest and wildlife within the community.

3.  To ensure that the basic concepts of conservation of our natural resources are introduced within the Haldimand elementary and high school systems.

4.  To foster partnerships between traditional as well as non-traditional groups and organizations.

Helping Fish and Wildlife in our Community

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