Habitat Haldimand partnered with Camp Kiawa to plant a demonstration plot of native wildflowers and prairie grasses.

The first thing we had to do was to mow the sight and then apply heavy landscaping cloth to the plots where we were to plant the native wildflowers and grasses. We then had to wait a few weeks for the landscaping cloth to kill the vegetation underneath.

We then removed the landscaping cloth and roto-tilled the plots. They were now ready for planting.

This plot was planted with butterfly weed.

We then surrounded the plots with landscape cloth to keep the grass from taking over.

The next job was to cover the landscape cloth and the soil between the plants with mulch. In this photo Ed works with a wheelbarrow while Roy leans on the rake.

As you can see Ed was not afraid to get his hands dirty.

This is a close-up of how we applied the mulch between the plants.

What the finished plots look like with the names superimposed on the photo.

Camp Kiawa leaders were so impressed that they made a “Thank You Habitat Haldimand” poster to show their appreciation .

The Habitat Haldimand volunteer group that made this project possible. (Left to right) Ron Jane Donna Roy Roger and Ed.

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